Torch With 100,000 Hours Of Life!

This things lasts a while... We mean a long time. You can always just change the batteries when it runs out as well. It'...

Lighting Ever Led Headlamp

Super Bright. Super bright 18 white LED and 2 red LED. 4 Brightness choice. 2 white LED, 10 white LED, 18 white LED and 2 RED LED. Red be...

Glow In The Dark Paint

Glow in the dark paint can help you make things like exits or important things clear when the power goes out.

6 Survival Glowsticks Kit

The Cyalume® SnapLight® is an eco-friendly industrial grade light stick measuring 6" long. Cyalume® SnapLight® reliably provides inst...

Powerful LED Torch

Light up your world with this super bright LED torch - Be prepared for the darkness that might come when the power goes out!

(NEW) Laser

High power laser pointer. It's such a high powered laser that the batteries have been known to run down very fast. It's more for emergenc...

Lantern With Compass Built In (WHAT?!)

Oh yes. Oh yes indeed. This bad boy had a compass built into it. A compass. It also has 2 lighting modes, and a setting to save battery l...

Tactical Laser With Lots Of Extras

This thing is ready to go on any rifle, pretty much. It's a powerful tactical laser to help with your aim.

Hand Powered Torch

This thing runs off the power from your hand. Turn the lever and it recharges itself. Great stuff.