Multi Purpose Screwdriver

Awesome screwdriver is awesome. This thing has several heads so you can change it depending on the type of screw you're working on. Oh an...

Shovel and Tool Set

The survival tools set. It comes with a shovel, two weapon like tools and an ax. It's not the best looking kit, but it's one of the most ...


The ultimate pen knife. It comes with many tools like a mini saw, knife, pliers, bottle opener, corkscrew, magnifying glass and much more..

Fixed Blade Survival Knuckleduster Knife

This bad boy comes with a carry case and a 'metal fists' handle, to provide a bit more defensive power. You wouldn't like to be on the wr...

Rip Claw Hammer

There are always times when you need a hammer. It might be to fix something, or to defend yourself in a doomsday situation. Either way, t...

Supercard - (This Thing Has Everything)

This survival card has got everything included! Knives, compass and much more. Essentially it's a survival credit card!

Kukri Style Machete - The Trailblazer!

Cut a path through heavy vegetation with this powerful kukri machete. There's not a lot that would stand in the way of this bad boy.

Multifunction Knife Sharpener

If you're in the wild and you need to sharpen your knife, this is your best friend. It makes sharpening up your survival knife a walk in ...

Bear Grylls Hatchet!

You've seen Bear Grylls. He's a great prepper and survivalist, and this is his hatchet! It's a great strong and useful survival tool!