The Emergency Survival Tin

Natural disasters can strike without warning as well as other types of emergencies. All too may times people find themselves caught in th...

Zombie Stake - Handheld Destruction

A zombie spike with a sheathe. It even has a clever 'rifling' on the spike so that the spike won't 'stick' when it's stabbed into a zombi...

Zombie Slayer Chainsaw

This will chew through zombies like a warm knife through butter. It's a great zombie killer, and for a pretty good price as well.

Zombie Riot Shield!

Stop zombies biting you, because they won't be able to break through your riot shield. This is a tactical anti-riot shield which would be...

Zombie Head Crusher Blade

This looks amazing. In fact, this looks REALLY good. Not only is it useful but it comes with a carry case as well. More for close combat ...

Classic Baseball Bat

Not much needed to be said here. This will clear zombies out of the way. Easy.

Zombie Killer Pistol

Not only can you shoot zombies with this bad boy, you can stab them as well. It has a really convenient knife attached to the barrel.

Zombie Killer Throwing Knives

Throw these. Zombies die, you survive. Everyone's a winner... Except the zombies but then that's their fault. You'll be stayin alive.. St...

Undead Katana

Zombie killer of the year. A classic weapon for defeating zombies as well know, not much description really needed here.