Teeth Savers! (Gumsheild)

Hey, call us silly but in a riot, we'd wear a gum shield every time. A knocked out tooth won't grow back!

Tactical 'Tanto' Survival Knife Boots

Pretty much the best boot knife you can get. This thing will sit right in the front of your boot ready for action.

Tactical Survival Bracelet With Paracord

A survival bracelet made from the cord from a parachute. This cord is very strong (It holds the weight of grown men) and it won't let you...

Window Breaking Survival Ring

We just love this. A tactical 'window smashing' survival ring that you can use for self defence, breaking windows, or to apply pressure t...

Emergency Thermal Blankets 10 Pack

These thermal blankets will make sure that you never get cold in the wild. Losing body heat can basically KILL you so be prepared with th...

Standard Web Belt

The base of your survival gear should be a solid and tough web belt. These are great and will never let you down. You can attach other th...

Pistol Belt!

Keep your pistols safe with this super strong tactical belt. It can hold two pistols and also has clips and space for other attachments.

Military Grade Nylon Tactical Gloves

Survival gloves. These are great for tough activities, and also things like airlifting and camping. They're a nylon mesh and they're TOUGH!

SUPERSOCKS! (These Are Tough)

Are you ready? These socks are door resistant, tough, anti bacterial and they even sooth your muscles when they're aching. They keep you ...