What Is A Doomsday Prepper?

Doomsday natural disaster


A doomsday prepper is someone who wants to survive. 


It’s someone who is ready for a ‘doomsday’ scenario.

Essentially anyone could become a doomsday prepper, and it’s a good idea to at least be a little bit ‘ready’ for the possibility of bad things happening in the world. That doesn’t mean you have to stock up on 50 years worth of food and drink, but it’s a good idea to at least have a survival knife stored somewhere in your house, or at least a decent rucksack.. Just in case!


What is ‘doomsday’?


Doomsday can refer to any ‘negative’ or ‘end of the world’ sort of situation. There are many names for this but we’ll just cover ‘doomsday’ in this post. It could be a future event like a natural disaster, (Supervolcano, meteor strike, massive tsunamis etc) or it could be something like a zombie apocalypse, economic collapse or something else.

Generally, it means a large scale serious negative event that affects the VAST majority of the world, where it’s likely that only a few people (People who are prepared for the event) will survive and live on into the future of the new world. So when someone says ‘What actually IS a doomsday prepper?’ you can explain it to them a little better!


Can anyone be a doomsday prepper?


So hopefully you now know what a doomsday prepper is. Essentially, someone who wants to survive, and who actively prepares for a negative situation like doomsday. Anyone can come a prepper, and all you really need to do to start is just be aware of the fact that you want to survive.

You don’t want to be a statistic and just fade away when things get tough, you’re going to be the one that stays up. To do this, you can start reading things like our doomsday prepper blog, or checking out the best survival gear for survivalists that we’ve put together for you.

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