6 Steps To Escaping A Sinking Car Submerged In Water Easily

You’re sinking!

No one really wants to be in a sinking car..

Well, in this post we’re going to tell you how you can survive a submerged car going towards the bottom of a lake or river.

Being stuck in a car and being submerged in water can be very dangerous.

Survive a sinking car easily

We’re talking about if you’ve for example driven into a lake, river or other large source of water. When we say flood, this can also refer to a flash flood which has caught you in your vehicle and you can’t escape.

1: Worst case scenario: Car In WATER! (Don’t panic!)

If you are stuck in a  car that’s going to be submerged in water, the best thing to do is to not panic at all.

Panicking will just make the whole thing worse, because you’ll be raising your heartbeat and won’t be able to think as well. You need to be able to think and act with focus in this situation. The best thing to do when the car hits the water is remember to breathe slowly and deeply while you can if it’s going down.

Try and remind yourself that it’s going to be okay, and that you have a few minutes of time in which you must act and focus on what you’re doing.

2: Brace yourself for the impact

If you’re about to HIT the water from a bridge for example, get ready.

If you’re falling from a height be aware that you may be knocked out for a few seconds if the impact is great. Be ready for this and try to make sure your head doesn’t hit anything sharp.

If you’re in the drivers seat put your hands on the steering wheel but NOT locked out straight.

Make sure they’re bent but READY to absorb the impact of your head going forward when you hit the water. ALSO! This is important.. Make sure your hands are NOT at the TOP of the steering wheel. The airbag system in most cars will activate when you impact the water, smashing your hands into your face.

You don’t want to knock yourself out with your own hands so make sure your hands are towards the bottom of the steering wheel.

Of course if you’re not going to impact the water, you can ignore this step but it’s important to be ready for any situation.

3: Remove your seatbelt FAST, before the car sinks!

When you hit the water you ave a few seconds before the car starts to sink.

This is because of the air in the car. What you want to do is remove your seatbelt FIRST, and then the window, but we’ll get to that.

4: Now open the window

Once you’ve dealt with your seatbelt, now you should focus on the window. If there are other people in the car make sure they also open their windows if possible, or climb into the front if they can’t open theirs. The window is the best way to escape as it can always be broken if you can’t open it normally.

You want to open the window fast as you hit the water because if you don’t, the pressure build up as you sink in the car will make it HARD to open the window and door. IN fact, once you reach a certain depth opening the doors and windows becomes nearly impossible. Make sure you open any doors and windows if you can as soon as you hit the water.

It’s a good idea to carry a window breaking ring or something similar if you travel by car a lot as it will hep you to be ready for having to break the window in this situation.

5: Now swim to the surface

Once you’ve got yourself and anyone else out of the car, swim to the surface.

If you’ve crashed into a frozen lake for example, swim towards the hole that the car would have made in the ice. It should be fairly easy to find but if not just swim up towards the light and you should have some idea of where the hole is.

Try and swim as fast as you can because the ice cold temperature of the water will shut your body down pretty fast if you’re not careful.

6: Get to the shore

Now remember that you’ve just survived an impact in your car and you’ll want to get to the shore fast because you’ll be full of adrenaline and you’ll probably be cold. You may have injuries that you don’t notice because of the adrenaline and you may also be losing blood.

You could even have internal bleeding if the impact was hard enough so get to the shore and seek medical attention.

Hopefully this guide has helped you know what to do if you’re in a sinking car!

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