39 Top Prepper Websites: Ultimate Survival Sites List for 2016

You’re a prepper.

You like survival prep related WEBSITES.

There are a LOT of prepper websites, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a giant LIST of the best survival blogs ever!

It’s not quite a top 50 prepper sites list, but 39 is a fair amount! We’ve also tried to include only the BEST ones for you.

Hopefully you find this useful. Here we go!

Prepper Website

Uk Preppers Guide

American Preppers Network

Grey Wolf Survival

Survivalist Boards

Survival Blog

Natural News



Preparedness Advice


Daily Reckoning

Backdoor Survival

Suburban Prepper


Survival Life


Doom and Bloom

The Survival Podcast


The Prepper Journal

The Survival Mom


Survival Cache


The Survival Doctor

Survival Monkey



Survival Spot

Wilderness Survival Skills

The home of Survival

Reality Survival

Prepared Housewives

Tactical Intelligence

For The Prepper

Prepared Christian

Homestead Dreamer


Wow, that’s a lot of prepper websites!

It might be a lot to take in. That’s ok! Clicking a link opens their site in a new tab, so you won’t lose this page.

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