Want To Write For Us?

We’d love for you to write for us.

Guest posting on ForThePrepper.com is a great way to boost your publicity and get exposure to a large audience.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, there are a few guidelines we’d like you to stick to, for best practices.

High Quality Posts

It’s important to us and our readers that the post you submit be of high quality. What we mean by this is that it’s not something that you spent 5 minutes on in your lunch break. If you’d like to write here, please take a bit longer to go through and proof read your work. It makes a huge difference, and it increase the chances of your post not only being accepted, but of you being able to write for us again in the future.

  • Proof read all posts you submit
  • Break up text with things like bullet points to make it easier to read
  • Try and only include 1-2 links, and only to high quality resources
  • Don’t make the post JUST about getting a backlink to your site, or promoting yourself -We see through that!

800 words!

If possible, make sure the minimum word count for your post is about 800 words. If you have something really interesting, helpful or unique to say in less than that, then by all means submit it. It’s just usually best to write more as it holds people’s attention more and provides more value.

Something really unique and interesting

This should go without saying really. The article/s you submit can’t be in use anywhere else. It’s certainly not okay to copy and paste another of your articles and use it here. It’s also not okay to use an ‘article spinner’ (In case¬†anyone still does that)


Email contact {at} fortheprepper {dot} com

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