6 Steps To Escaping A Sinking Car Submerged In Water Easily

You’re sinking! No one really wants to be in a sinking car.. Well, in this post we’re going to tell you how you can survive a submerged car going towards the bottom of a lake or river. Being stuck in a car and being submerged in water can be very dangerous. We’re talking about if […]

39 Top Prepper Websites: Ultimate Survival Sites List for 2016

You’re a prepper. You like survival prep related WEBSITES. There are a LOT of prepper websites, so we thought it would be a good idea to create a giant LIST of the best survival blogs ever! It’s not quite a top 50 prepper sites list, but 39 is a fair amount! We’ve also tried to […]

How To Survive A Tornado In A House

  Today we’re looking at how to survive a tornado while being stuck inside a house. If you find yourself stuck inside a house when a tornado strikes, not all is lost. There are some things you can do, and there are some things you should not do. We’re going to explore all of this. […]

What Is A Doomsday Prepper?

  A doomsday prepper is someone who wants to survive.    It’s someone who is ready for a ‘doomsday’ scenario. Essentially anyone could become a doomsday prepper, and it’s a good idea to at least be a little bit ‘ready’ for the possibility of bad things happening in the world. That doesn’t mean you have […]